Permafloor Plus

Permafloor Plus

It is made from a special modified vinylic compound that provides excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, considerable elasticity and guaranteed longterm durability.
The thick shape with rounded borders makes Permafloor Plus® a pleasant bare-feet walking experience.

The shape of the supporting pods has been especially designed to avoid creating holes in the sheath. Tiles are interlocked through special plastic clips.
As for all vinyl flooring, prolonged contact with tires or other rubber objects can cause indelible brown marks. Further, as adhesive is not used to fix tiles, forklifts and carts are not recommended

Permafloor® Plus is specifically designed for the flooring of terraces covered with water-resistant sheath, and it is ideal for pools perimeters, shower rooms, and in general for any watersport related area.


Art. 2050