Self-locking free-laying floor tiles with possibility to be chemically welded. The wearing layer is composed of chips obtained from a ground slab of rigid PVC which are distributed over and thermally bonded onto a homogeneous plasticised PVC substrate.

Extremely simple and safe. The simple rapid hook-on system makes it possible to lay extensive areas without skilled labour. Where necessary, the tiles can be chemically welded. When laying, it is recommended that a gap of about 1 cm be left from walls. Beyond 50 sq. meters the use of expansionjoints is mandatory.
As for all vinyl flooring, prolonged contact with tires or other rubber objects can cause indelible brown marks. Further, as adhesive is not used to fix tiles, forklifts and carts are not recommended. Installation should be carried at least at 18°C. This temperature should be maintained for 24 hours before and after installation.


Art. 2091

Art. 2092