Art. 400SG

Very exclusive product made of a special blend of plasticized PVC and NBR rubber. This special mix gives to the product the best features of the 2 raw materials and increases the product’s performance: very easy to clean, completely odorless, very good resistance to oil, fuel, and other chemicals.


Width: 150 cm
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Length: 15 m
Embossed Round Dot ø 20 mm

Technical Specs

Fire reaction: Bfl-S1
Slip resistance (EN 13893): Class DS
Resistance to chemicals (UNI5574): Resistant to oil and the majority of acids and diluted alkali.
Residual imprint (UNI 5574/3.7) : 0.09 mm


Cod. 33
Cod. 34
Cod. 90