Art. 3007

Conceived to be a free-lay system which does not generally require use of adhesives, the ease of installation, the strong interlocking system, the possibility of walking on immediately, the resolution of any rising damp problems, the odorless and ease of maintenance make this product the best solution to create an experienced area.


Thickness: 3.0 mm
Size: Puzzle tile 960 x 480 mm (960 x 960 mm available on request)
Weight: 4.3 kg/m2
Packaging: n. 10 tile/box (equal to 4.60 m²)

Technical Specs

Fire reaction (EN 13501-1): Bfl-s1
Slip resistance (DIN 51130): R9
Coefficient of friction (EN 13893): Class DS (Granulated version)
Colour fastness (ISO 105-B02): 6-7 (Blue scale)
Resistance to chemicals: good to oils, grease, detergents and most diluted alkalis and acids
European Classification: Residential & Light Commercial



Cod. 21
Cod. 931
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